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Flasch Consulting is the best thing that happened to my  practice.

Flasch Consulting is the best thing that happened to my  practice.


"Ask not what your country can do for you
but what you can do for your country."
John F. Kennedy

Article by Helmut G. Flasch, CEO Flasch Business Expansion

This as you well know is a statement made by J.F.K. This attitude applies not only to the country but also to your family, your job or business, your customers, friends etc.

People choose professions, and make business decisions based on what the field will bring back in terms of money right away. Thus in the business world too many businessmen, doctors etc. are not doing what is good and helpful to their customers BUT WHAT IS GOOD FOR THEIR INCOME. That is of course understandable and I myself definitely do take into consideration of what I can expect back when making any business decision. But there is a fine line between only wanting to get before giving and between being totally willing and even a desire to give (or risk) before receiving.

It is quite magical how people who are willing to give first are doing well in making money.

And no, I am not talking in a religious sense here at all.

I am referring to people who are willing to invest in something that might involve risk. Since nothing in life actually is 100% sure and people who will never do anything without being 100% certain in a good return usually end up being in a bad shape.

There are an awful lots of things one can do as a businessperson to woo one's customer or one's prospective customer.

First one has to care about them and that is not just caring about them in the area of your service but caring about their lives as a whole.

It could mean to somehow participate in community activities. Activities that help children are extremely beneficial for our society and are also very appreciated by the parents in the community. And they are after all your customers and prospective customers. Helping the community for a doctor or businessperson might include making sure that when people are in your office, they are well supplied with good water and good air, and as well getting some advice on general topics to them even if completely unrelated to your field.

That sounds simple enough but is rarely done. Oh yes, you have bottled water available but how much more could you do?

What about making the best possible healthy water available to them?

Sure, the one time a year they come to you will not change their health because of the good water but maybe because you showed them that good water is available and how to get it and thus they might start using the same water at home for their family. It might even take some brochures next to the water so that they do get educated.

You ask, "What is my benefit for doing that? Why should I get involved in their private live style?" "I am not going to be intrusive to their life - no not me!!"

Well, that is the attitude, which John F. Kennedy wanted to reverse!!

What is it in for me? Nothing - except a whole family drinking better water and thus thinking of you more often and thus maybe coming back more often and or mentioning your name more often to their friends.

So you see, nothing in for you at first in terms of monetary results but probably something in the end. And what if the end in terms of monetary results never comes? What about it? So you helped someone to be healthier -- if you are a doctor then that even happens to be your sworn-in duty!! So you spend a few hundred bucks or even a few thousands to achieve that. This is what we are talking about when saying "don't ask what you can do for me but what can I do for you." People who do that -- people who live by that type of principals -- are usually very much happier people and yes, usually also quite rich!

Water was one example, air is another, and enlightening people about other dietary supplements and basic exercises are yet other examples.

Also don't forget about doing things that help parents to keep children away from drugs - it would be making a difference in the community. Wouldn't it?

The above examples are by no means the only examples of the principles of doing something first before receiving or even without thinking that you might receive anything.

I bet you can come up with thousands of variations if you put your mind to it.

The state of the health in the U.S. population has never been worse due to fast food, water being substituted by soft drinks which are literally killing people, and air being bad despite the possibility of having great air at least in one's home.

Looking the other side and not caring because it is not in your line of business and because of being worried what other people might think if you do those things are an admission of not caring for the fellow man.

After all we can only have as good as a life as the neighbors, friends, and families have a good life.

I cannot tell you how many people (complete strangers in the beginning) whom I gave an unsolicited speech about nutrition, had then told me that their child's skin rash disappeared or that their knee pain went almost totally away, or that they hardly have any headaches any more, or that their children are now studying better etc. The list is long indeed. You might have been one of them who got my rather "enforced advice" but tried it anyhow and maybe got results.

Does the advice you give people work for everyone? It would be nice, but it will not happen, what counts is that you exclude no one from the valuable information on whatever subject you have information on.

The truth is that nobody really can help anyone. But one can show people the road and some will walk it others will not. Keep showing people the road, even to the ones who did not walk it after you have shown it once or twice - keep showing it. The ones who eventually will go on that road will reward you with more personal fulfillment than you can imagine.

And you know what? They will also make you rich.

People know they have to pay for things and they do not mind paying and seeing someone make money with a product or service, which gives them something in return.

Thus you should also make available some of those items to them. Only telling people what is wrong helps nobody - nobody - unless it also comes with an insistence in performing the steps necessary to remedy the situation.

Insisting that someone does what he should do, to get help (in whatever area that it might be) is what is called caring. Let's say you do some events with children about no drugs, no smoking, not so much sugar, or on how to study better, you must also bring a certain tenacity to those meetings and insist in the following of your advice.

Thus the term 'hard sell' only applies to people railroading others into services they don't need with heavy duress.

'Care Selling' on the other hand is exactly what it says, - care enough like you would when repeatedly talking to your mother for hours and days and weeks, and even years to act on a certain thing you knew will help her!!!

The moral of this issue? Care a bit more, care in areas which you are not necessarily designated by your profession. Care about areas of people's life no matter what those areas might
be and no matter when financial rewards may be realized.

Helmut G. Flasch
CEO Flasch Business Expansion